Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day Five, Number Four Gone

Narrator: And here we are day number 5. Before noon tomorrow, Xuan must do three flirts with each of the ladies left in the house. ASimWen, Infinity Nevermore, Random Sim and Hana-Holly. GAH! What is going on here? Lynn, you just moved out of the house. What are you doing back here?

Lynn: I am stealing the newspaper. That'll fix Infinity for flirting with my man!

Narrator: But the newspaper reader was Rachel. Infinity prefers to play chess by herself and take long baths.

Lynn: No matter. It won't be out here in case she wanted to read it. I'm outta here!

Narrator: In today's hot tub social, ASimWen, Hana-Holly, and Random makes it into the hot tub with Xuan. That means that Infinity is sitting by herself in the second tub. Oh wait a minute...

Infinity: *singing in tub* Splish splish, I was takin' a bath, long about a Saturday night!
A rub-a-dub, just relaxin' in the tub, thinkin' everything was alright! (1)

Narrator: Not bothering with the hot tub, eh?

Infinity: What is the fun in sitting in a hot tub by yourself? A tub, is a tub, is a tub.

Narrator: True.

Narrator: OH no! It looks like ASimWen has rejected Xuan's flirt!

ASimWen: Give me a break. Xuan and I aren't even BF's yet. And we only have one bolt.

Xuan: Wild make my heart make everything..... Groovy... I said wild thing...(2)

Hana-Holly: Darlin' I..... I just wanna be your everything! (3)

Xuan: The first time ever I saw your face...... I thought the sun rose in your eyes....(4)

Hana-Holly: Ooo, baby, I love your way..... everyday! Gonna tell you I love your way, everyday! Wanna be with you night and day! (5)

Narrator: Hana-Holly and Xuan are moving quickly in their relationship!

Xuan: I'll make love to you, like you want me to. And I'll hold you tight... baby all through the night! (6)

Infinity: Xuan, that sounds great. You know I'm not on the pill right? I want children.

Xuan: Whaaa? I am not ready to be a baby daddy! No way!

Narrator: Looks like Xuan and Infinity have hit a snag. They only have one bolt in the relationship panel.

Xuan: I can be your hero baby.... I can kiss away the pain.... I will stand by you forever! (7)

Random: Oh you really mean it????

Narrator: So it looks like ASimWen and Hana-Holly have decided to take a little time out of relationship building with Xuan to get some exercise.

ASimWen: Yeah, I was lookin' and feelin' a little pudgy for my bathing suit.

Hana-Holly: I need to slim down for Xuan. After all, he has a perfect body. I want to match! After all, I am going to win.

Narrator: Them's mighty high falutin' words there, Hana-Holly!

Hana-Holly: Not high falutin'. Facts. Them's pure facts.

Narrator: Lynn has returned to steal yet another newspaper. I see the garbage has been tipped over as well.

Lynn: I didn't knock over the garbage can. Ruby did that. But I wish I had done it!

Narrator: Eww! Cockroaches...quick! Someone get out here and spray before the flu spreads....!

Narrator: Oh no wonder no one is outside taking care of the trash and the bugs! ASimWen is busy rattling Xuan's cage! What happened here?

ASimWen: That wench Hana-Holly was flirting with my friend Xuan!

Narrator: Why should you care, ASim? You and Xuan aren't even BF's yet! And only have one bolt!

ASimWen: It doesn't matter. He flirted with me a few hours ago. That means something!

Narrator: Well folks, that means that there has definetly been a point plummet on the scoreboard for ASimWen!

Hana-Holly: You're in my heart, you're in my soul. You'll be my breath should I grow old! You are my lover, you're my best friend...... You're in my soul! (8)

Random: Whaaa???? Noooo!

Random: Baby, you're no good. I'm gonna say it again. You're no good! (9)

Xuan: **GACK! ** Come on now ladies...this is getting old! My cheek is getting tender! Oh Mr. Narrator, can't we do something about this?

Narrator: I am sorry Xuan..I wasn't fast enough on the freeze button to stop Hana-Holly form flirting with you. This is a risk the Romance Sim is exposed to every day. Somebody please get outside and take care of the trash and cockroaches????

ASimWen: *SNIFF!* Did you see what Hana-Holly did?

Random: I sure did. That wench Hana-Holly is breaking me an Xuan up!

ASimWen: You and Xuan? What about me and Xuan?

Random: You and Xuan don't even have BF symbols, let alone pink hearts. Me and Xuan!!!

ASimWen: Do too!

Xuan: Let's get it on..... Ah, baby, let's get it on! Let's love, baby... Let's get it on, sugar! (10)

Narrator: Ummm...where is Infinity during all this drama???

Narrator: I should have guessed. Ah well. It is now noon the next day. Time to check the scoreboard. I am almost afraid to look.

Narrator: It is close...errr...between the losers that is! Hana-Holly is coming in first at a very strong score of 143 points! Wow! In second place is Infinity Nevermore with 139, and trailing in a far third place is ASimWen with 43, then last place is held by Random Sim with 37. Ladies, it just seemed to fall apart this round.

Random: Yes, yes it did. I am ready to go. Thanks.

Random: *softly singing* Mmm I'm movin out hmm, Oo Hoo... (11)

Narrator: Good bye Random, thanks for playing the Bachelorette Game. Any idea what you are going to do now?

Random: Off the Florida Keys there's a place called Kokomo. That's where you wanna go to get away from it all. (12)

Narrator: You heard it folks. Left in the house is Infinity Nevermore, Hana-Holly and ASimWen. Who will go next? See you next time!

How many songs did you gues?

1. Splish Splash - Bobby Darin, 1958
2. Wild Thing - The Troggs, 1966
3. I Just Wanna Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb, 1977
4. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack, 1972
5. Baby I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton, 1976
6. I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men, 1994
7. Hero - Enrique Iglesias, 2001
8. Your'e In My Heart - Rod Stewart, 1978
9. Your'e No Good - Linda Ronstadt, 1975
10. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye, 1973
11. Movin' Out - Billy Joel, 1977
12. Kokomo - The Beach Boys, 1988


Bubbs said...

Grab the paper! RUN RUN RUN!!!

Infin would rather take a bath by herself? That's fine...maybe she will get out next and the controller's sims will win.


Hmmph! Is the controller's daughter being set up for the win???


HAHA! The controller is out of the game!! Hmmph! What about her daughter??? She is the trouble maker, now isn't she???



Infinity-Nevermore said...

LOL@Lynn! I was serious about the trashcan! If I get the flu... oh yeah, I'd have to blame Ruby. I actually still have a chance because I go away and mind my business, never mind the 1 bolt. A tub is a tub, and chess is fun, therefore I miss all the drama.

ruby said...

Run Lynn! *giggles* yes just in case she wanted the paper now she cant.. good thinking..
BF's? who cares? he's Xuan! get back in there and flirt with Mr Romance!
Oh of course lil Hana-Holly wont reject him.. thats a good girl.. show your mom how its done! *shakes head* that sounded wrong..
d'oh! Fini what are you thinking? a romance guy doesnt want babies! you just have 'em .. dont tell him..
I like Hana-Holly's confidence! You tell that narrator girl.
I did? why would i kick over the can? *scratches head* I shouldnt be angry with anyone in the house that i know of.. hmmm odd..
Woot go Hana-Holly! She is eliminating the competition.. now thats one clever girl *nods*
not surprising results .. yet fini in playing chest.. thats funny.. dont worry fini .. Hana-Holly will make you jealous too .. give her time!
not bad.. i only missed one song this time.

Rachel said...

I love all the fighting. It's so funny. Poor ASimWen, she looks so sad. I thought for sure she was gone. I wonder who will slap Xuan next.