Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day Six, Number Five Goes

Narrator: Here we are, another day. This time Xuan must have a one on one date with each lady, and 1 romantic kiss before we look at the scoreboard again tomorrow.

Infinity: What do you all think about this crap of talking in song lyrics?

ASimWen: I think it is OK. *clearing throat, sings...* Do - a deer a female deer... Re - a drop of golden sun.... Mi - a name I call myself..... (1)

Hana-Holly: Gawd, enough already!

Narrator: It sounds like everyone is getting a little testy.

Narrator: Hello Random. I see like Lynn, you just can't stay away.

Random: My plane to Kokomo was delayed, and Ruby is laid up for a while with the flu. I took over the trash can kicking duties for a while.

Narrator: No doubt Ruby got the flu from all the cockroaches she was setting free.

Narrator: So Xuan, you are sitting outside by the pool eating instead of your usual place inside at the dining room table.

Xuan: Yup. ASimWen is in there at the table. She is mad at me. I thought it best to stay away for a while.

ASimWen: I know Lynn. I think I will probably be the next one to go. I am surprised I lasted as long as I did. What? Well, I just can't stand the thought of him touching me after seeing him with Hana-Holly. Maybe I should just leave now....

Xuan: Oh Hana-Holly, I know you are my true friend. You will sit with me.

Hana-Holly: Xuan. You are the greatest.

Narrator: It appears Xuan is have a one on one date with Hana-Holly and is making out with her. It is well received.

Narrator: His date with Infinity seems to be moving along beautifully. Let's see how ASimWen reacts.

ASimWen: A date? I don't think so. What kind of girl do you think I am? You are such a cad!~ Hana-Holly and Infinity are blind to your roving ways!

Xuan: Well Hana-Holly, looks like it might be you and me.

Hana-Holly: What about Infinity?

Narrator: I wouldn't count my chicks so soon, Hana-Holly. You know the scoreboard tells all.

Lynn: See ASimWen, this is how you do it. One swift kick to the side, and it is turned over.

ASimWen: I just don't know if I can do it. Make a mess I mean. I might be better suited for stealing the newspaper....

Xuan: I could stay awake just to hear you breathing....Watch you smile while you are sleeping... (2)

Infinity: I see you through the smokey air.... Can't you feel the weight of my stare? You're so close but still a world away.... What I'm dying to say, is that....I'm crazy for you! (3)

Xuan: I sure miss Lynn.

ASimWen: You shouldn't have messed around! She is the first one you had three bolts with.

Narrator: Err...ASimWen...this is the Bachelorette Game....the rules state that Xuan has to flirt with everyone in the house. Including you.

Xuan: *looking sheepish* Yeah, well, that ain't so hard. heh

Xuan: Are you sure you don't want a kiss, ASimWen?

ASimWen: I am sure..thank

Narrator: Well, this day went quick without so many players in the house. Let's check the scoreboard.

Narrator: Hana-Holly heads up the pack with 171 points, Inifnity with 155, and ASimWen comes in last with 103. ASim, it looks like it is you.

ASimWen: Yup, my turn at the big computer. I found a great place.

Ifninity: Buh-Bye, ASimWen!

Narrator: What are you going to do now, ASimWen?

ASimWen: Well I think I will follow the yellow-brick road.... I'm off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz! (4) Maybe he can help me find true love!

I bet you got them all this time!

1. Do-Re-Me - Rodgers and Hammerstein, 1959
2. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith, 2002
3. Crazy For You - Madonna, 1987
4. Follow The Yellow Brick Road - EH Harburg, 1939

See you for the last installment!


Bubbs said...

That's right Random! Kick over the trash can! The controller has FIXED the competition!!!

Yeah right, couldn't stand him touching you after seeing him with Hana-Holly? HAHA! Maybe so, since you turned down his kisses, lol. Hmm, you really don't seem to like our fearless man here.


Looks like it is rigged for Hana-Holly!!!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow. I'm shocked I missed all this drama this day. I was sure I'd have seen something by now. And it looks like the prediction I made five days ago will hold up.

ruby said...

Eep the flu? I dont want the flu.. are you 'sure' it was me that kicked the can? *pouts*
Hana-Holly goes in for the smooch . you go girl..
oh Fini is loving the smooches too. heh. and why not? it is Xuan!
erm .. Wen.. kiss the guy and get over yourself .. pfft yes you're the next to go for sure.
Trashcan Kicking 101 - w/Lynn .. see? it WAS Lynn who kicked it over!
Geebus .. your own daughter didnt see you off Wen.. ouch!
and yes i got all the songs! hehe

Rachel said...

I love Lynn teaching Wen how to kick over the trash can. No surprise that she was the one to go or that she rejected Xuan. Loved it.